CertiK has Formal Verified Flowchain Digital Asset Smart Contract

CertiK has successfully completed an audit to formally verify the security of Flowchain, an IoT Blockchain providing a distributed ledger for peer-to-peer IoT networks and real-time data transactions. With the Flowchain “tokenized hardware” technology, enterprises can tokenize their sensitive information and the valued data as digital assets and store the assets on the public blockchain to ensure the data security and privacy.

In order to secure its smart contracts and mitigate security risks, Flowchain chose to CertiK as its security partner. Founded in 2017 by professors from Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK is a leading software security provider, leveraging Formal Verification technology that stemmed from research conducted in the academic labs. Through its rigorous verification engine, CertiK mathematically proved that the smart contracts of the FlowchainCoin token, the digital assets of Flowchain, are secure and robust enough to avoid some of the most critical vulnerabilities that have notoriously plagued the blockchain ecosystem.

Flowchain provides advanced IoT solutions for enterprises with the exclusive IoT Blockchain Technology through three approaches: IoT Private Cloud Solution, IoT Gateway Solution, and IoT Blockchain Solution. Using Flowchain Private IoT Cloud, the assets from the IoT devices can be customized, audited, and stored in blockchain-based enterprises’ private cloud systems. The IoT gateway is capable of gathering information, communicating with the wireless sensor network, and submitting the information data to the public blockchain system. Additionally, by integrating with IPFS, Flowchain OS can act as an off-chain system to transfer the digital assets of enterprises from one trusted party to another.

With CertiK’s security auditing proof, Flowchain is ready to move to the next level and provide robust digital asset services, cost effective Edge Computing, and comprehensive IoT solutions to enterprises.

About CertiK

CertiK is a blockchain and smart contract verification platform founded by top formal verification professors from Yale and Columbia University and former senior software engineers from Google and Facebook. Expanding upon traditional testing approaches, CertiK utilizes mathematical theorems to objectively prove that source code is hacker-resistant to some of the most critical vulnerabilities. With the mission of raising the standards of cybersecurity, CertiK is backed by prominent investors, including Binance Labs, Lightspeed, Matrix Partners, and DHVC.

To request the audit/verification of your smart contracts, please send email to audit@certik.org or visit certik.org to submit your request today.

Official Website: https://certik.io

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